Ghazala aur Mein

Ghazala aur Mein – By Little Guy hi my name is  ali farhan.i m 21 years old with 5.9 height.i live in islamabad.i am lover of dis site.i m now doing ACCA.this is my true story(believe or leave) abt my neihbour auntie ghazala.she was 35 at that time n i was in my class 10th that time.she had 3 children(2boy 1girl).his husband was security officer.i tell u taht me n my family often used to visit there in her home. dis happens when her husband along with children left 4 gujranwala 4 two days and she was alone at home.she called my mother 2 send me to her coz she wants 2 redecorate da my mother gave me permision.when i was leaving my father telephoned my mother to go to market 4 shoping as he had send the my mother left 4 shoping.i went 2 my soon as i entered the house she was standing at de door waiting 4 me.she was wearing simple shalwar kameez and she asked me 2 help her in rearranging da furniture.i forgot 2 tell u that she was 38-30-36.very smart fair complexions first we began from beds. she took bed frm one side and i from soon as she bend forward i locked at her neck while lifting da bed.i saw black bra with da passage b/w two breasts leading 2 deep valley.i began 2 feel strange feeling in my abdomen along with my cock.after shifting one bed we proceded 4 da next bed.but my feeling at dat time was so strong that my cock raised and i began 2 hide it from as soon as we forward 4 next bed.i stand a side and said 2 my auntie.“auntie mujhe ap se kuch kehna hai“.she said “han bolo“.while she busy herself with bed how 2 lift it.i moved 2wards her backside and with da little movement of my arms i grabbed her breasts from backside and said“sorry auntie lekin mn apnay apko rok nahe saka“ she at once moved detached my arms frm her and slapped on my face.“tmhain sharm na aai aisi herkat krtay tmhari ami se baat kroon gi“ i said “sorry auntie“ while saying i grabbed her face and began 2 kiss on her lips.“dur raho mujh se“she gave me a jerk but i have 2 tell u dat i possessed atheletic body so i began 2 lay her on bed with convulsive movments.when i was able 2 lay her down as i faced lot of slaps and abuse words but at that time i was i mounted her and began 2 kiss on her lips with such pressure that she began 2 feel exausted.she said“peechay ho jao wrna shor mucha dn gi“i said “khamosh rahen wrna ap ko pta bi nahe chale ga ap k sath kia hua“i looked at her eyes as they bagn 2 dilate with shock so i grabbed her both hands in my one handtook them 2 her back.thn i took her kameez n began 2 put it off “sorry auntie“ n ther lies two soft breasts under her bra i unhooked her bra and began 2 suck her left breast and second was playing with my other hand(as my other hand was grabbed with her arms) so i began 2suck her breasts lick hers..kissed her on her lips.once i cut her nipple she cried `aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa plz farhan na kro plz yeh sirf kuch dair ka mza hai tm puchtao gey“ i said “puchtain gi ap auntie“ then i began 2 untie her nala her eyes were appealing me but i forgotten i freed her legs frm shalwar and there was my world lies b/w her thighs a very clean shaved pussy i have never ever seen before.

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Ghazala aur Mein

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